So I found myself in Porto, Portugal for the 4th occasion in a space of a year, this time with Rogue and Roman Visuals on the way to Galicia for the holidays but first a quick pit stop to fetch our visas for Thailand.

Lucky enough there is a consulate on the outskirts of the city in some random office park with no signage or indication of a governmental building. We took advantage of complimentary cycles from the hotel as an active alternative means of transport to the local metro and ended up covering over 20km in total. From the centre all way the to Matosinhos. Needless to say our bodies paid the price the next day!

On arrival at the consulate, the staff (made up of 2 people and a normally grumpy mutt but not with Miriam the animal whisperer around) were so helpful and pleasant that we left there super happy and feeling like mission accomplished. We celebrated over a cup of coffee which is a religious custom in Portugal, took the scenic route back via the seaside and came across the most charming parts of Porto (Santa Monica-esque) that neither of us have ever discovered.

One of the nicest things about visiting a familiar place is seeing it from a fresh perspective and sharing the moment with that someone special. Here’s to the 5th episode which according to the recent pattern should be anytime soon, as it seems all roads lead to Porto.



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