Look no more. 5footwayinn Project Boat Quay

I don’t know how to even start reviewing this place, as everything was so quaint.

Located in the heart of the Quay Bay, facing the Singapore River, this boutique hostel won’t let you be indifferent.

The first and most distinguishable feature I would like to mention about it as a photographer, is the support they bring to local artists & the effort to not forget the roots of this new Singapore.

The property itself is conceptually decorated with Singaporean artwork and they even have a mini gallery, Gallery 76, covered with different canvas coming from the internationally recognised Singaporean documentary photographer, Edwin Koo.

Along the walls one can find all sort of pictures from the Old Singapore and food canvas explaining the influence of the 3 main cultures Singapore is based upon: Indian, Malay and Chinese. After all, 50% of Singapore is food, isn’t it? 😉

The second most remarkable thing is the terrace. Seriously, the views of this rooftop lounge are superlative. How about having your breakfast looking at Asian Civilisation Museum, Marina Bay Sands, the old parliament house, as well as the skyline of the Central Business District? Epic.

Special mention to the bottomless coffee, Milo and tea throughout the entire day and the variety of kuehs for breakfast (included)!

Going back to food businesses, the variety of options for your tastebuds close to the property is unbelievable.

Hawker centres in Singapore are huge, just go for a walk around the hostel before heading out and take some tips from the canvas on what and how to order the most typical food.

Now, if you want to treat yourself, there is plenty of good restaurant options right at the doorstep of the hostel but the one we would highly recommend is the Award-winning restaurant Jumbo Seafood Restaurant . We had an assorted menu who included a Jumbo trio plater with scallops and prawns, seafood pumpkin soup (to die for), deep fried tilapia w/ nyonya sauce, the amazing star dish chilli crab, hor fun in seafood gravy and deserts. Literally rolling out of the place. Our favourite dish was the chilli crab, best in Singapore! You really shouldn’t leave without tasting the spicy decapod.

Regarding transport, Clark Quay is within 5 min walking and there is plenty of buses and bicycle options which I really recommend as there is a route that can be done all around the river, visiting the most remarkable spots in Singapore.

We personally did all our visit by bike, cycling from one neighbourhood to another: Chinatown, Little India & Kampong Glam, the Malay-Arab Quarter.

Now, listen to this: This hostel chain with 4 different properties within these quarters decided to offer a 2 hour FREE tours in Chinatown and Little India with no bookings. You just have to turn up on time and enjoy the tour.

I think this is one of their strongest points because, you know? You are traveling on a budget but you still want to go out, do things and get immersed in the culture.

Overall, rooms are really comfy with good beds, sockets right next to it, individual head lights, air conditioning, wifi throughout the whole property, reception 24/7, CCTV, 24h luggage room, FREE sim cards on arrival, great staff and better atmosphere.

You can use this promo code “RRV10”, and email it to promotion@5footwayinn.com to book your stay! This code is valid for booking and staying with them before December 2017.

Singapore is calling!




  1. I want to visit Singapore and I will definitely keep this place in mind. I’ve never stayed in a hostel before and this might be the first time I’ll book one. The terrace overlooking Marina Bay Sands is what sold me aside from the fact that there are tons of food and restaurant options around the area. Thanks for sharing this and I will definitely take note of your promo code.

    • Gary Rogue & Miriam Román

      Hi Kristine!
      To be honest, we had our private room so we didn’t feel like in a hostel at all. 🙂
      It’s a boutique hostel so everything is more premium and the price is very good.
      The food in Singapore is to die for by the way! 😀
      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Elena Zahir

    These are great suggestions! I was in Singapore last summer and it’s true that it’s fairly expensive. I would have needed your blog post back then haha. But better late than never, and I’ll certainly come back to Singapore one day 🙂 The title photo of this post is stunning by the way! So beautiful. Thanks for sharing!
    xx Elena

    • Gary Rogue & Miriam Román

      Right? We found it quite expensive as well. This place is super cool and within budget for sure. Maybe next time. 😉
      Thanks for commenting Elena. 🙂

  3. Sounds like such a fun place to visit! I was drooling over the thought of fried tilapia and it’s always so cool to be surrounded by local art!

    • Gary Rogue & Miriam Román

      Hahaha!! We loved Singapore and specially this 2 places. Very recommended. 🙂
      Thanks for commenting.

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