Having to leave people and memories behind is never easy but, if you really need it, it’s best for the sake of your soul and keeps the happiness peak as high as possible (the most important thing in life).

As I explained on my first post, we made a decision during our Mexico trip to go on to this adventure and never look back.

I have packed so many times ALONE, to be able to live an experience ALONE, but this time is with someone that I surely like, respect and love.

I guess it’s a different ‘goodbye’ but also a different ‘hello’. When you drop your suitcases on the floor and look around, someone is there to share that with you and many forthcoming moments…and that my friends, is double happiness!

This time our luggage landed in Madeira, an island that I will always be in love with for its culture, people, vast landscapes and underwater life but overall for giving me the opportunity to chase my dream: traveling with my lover and being close to the ocean while pressing the shutter button of my camera.

Here is a little video of our recent, but not last migration, that Gary has put together.

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Miriam xx


  1. Your title is perfect. Have a fabulous adventure!

  2. This is travel goals ?

  3. Courtney Romano

    Fantastic! Love the sentiment and the video!

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